best rated pet stroller

The Best Pet Strollers of 2017 Reviewed

I remember once passing a parent pushing a stroller down the sidewalk and I took a peek in expecting to see baby. But instead there was this adorable pug enjoying the ride and smiling back at me. I started

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How to Keep Unwanted Cats Out of Your Garden with Cat Fence Spikes

How to Keep Unwanted Cats Out of Your Garden with Cat Fence Spikes

Are neighborhood cats making their way over your back fence and getting into your garden? It’s not always easy to keep these little intruders out. They can easily maneuver through small fence holes and

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Best Wireless Dog Fence 2017

Best Wireless Invisible Dog Fences 2017

If you have a dog that loves to romp outside when the weather’s nice, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with fence issues. Some pets like to dig their way out of them, and others are quite adept at finding

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Best Small Dog Bed 2017

Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs in 2017

Small dogs and puppies are adorable and so much fun to cradle in your lap and cuddle up with. But when it comes time for them to go to sleep, how do you know which are the best pet beds for small dogs?You’ll

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how many hours a day do dogs sleep for

How Many Hours A Day Do Dogs Sleep?

Does it ever seem like your dog has been sleeping all weekend and you start to wonder, “How much sleep does a dog need?” Some dogs can be quite active and never seem to settle down, while others want

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big barker featured best dog bed

Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

After a full day of running, eating, digging, and playing a dog needs their rest. It always brings a smile to my face to see my big dog sleeping peacefully on their dog bed, recharging their batteries

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featured best dog bed

Choosing The Best Dog Bed

It is a heartwarming sight for any dog owner to see their pooch cuddled up and sleeping soundly. And it’s usually much more comfortable if they’re snoozing in their own bed rather than trying to share

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featured orthopedic dog bed

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

There are many reasons to get your dog an orthopedic dog bed. They may be an older pet that has arthritis, has joint problems, or be recovering from injuries or surgery. Larger dogs often also need the

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featured best chew proof dog bed.

Best Indestructible Dog Beds Reviewed

How many times have you had to replace a substandard dog bed because you have a pet that loves to chew things? Don’t despair that you’re destined to have to continually replace it, because you do have

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best cat food featured

Choosing The Best Dry Cat Food

How many times have you purchased a dry cat food only to have your feline turn up his or her nose up at it? Cats can be finicky when it comes to the foods they like, so finding one they will eat on a regular

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