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Itsaboutanimals was setup with the aim to educate our readers on all things animals! This will include articles on animals and facts but also bring you thorough and comprehensive reviews of the latest and best pet products. We test and retest our products so that we can give you true and honest feedback. All our reviews are completely unbiased and unaffected by product price or extra features, so if its chosen and in our top 10 you know it's good! 

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If your wanting a specific product reviewed or want your product to be reviewed please contact us. 

Please note that in order to have a product reviewed, the following must be in place.

  • Your product must be actively selling in the marketplace
  • You must have an established company website (An Amazon link to a product does not count)
  • Your product must be in good standing, meaning there can’t be an overwhelming amount of negative reviews.

If your product/company meets these requirements, please contact us. We will typically get back to you within the same business day.

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