best cat bed K&H Thermo Kitty Heated

Finding The Best Cat Bed

Every cat owner knows that no matter how much cats like boxes, they don’t last long, and aren’t made to keep your cat cozy and warm, that‘s why buying the right cat bed can make a world of difference

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do cats really have 9 lives

Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives? Real or Fiction

Through many years, a cat is associated with something mysterious and somewhat magical. Many legends are made about these graceful animals who never wished to be slaves of humans but managed to be friends.

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how to stop a dog from chewing

How To Stop A Dog From Chewing?

Those, who ever had a pet dog, must remember how many times you returned home and found out about the unexpected damage inflicted on your belongings by your dear doggie. Puppies start chewing on anything

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why does my cat meow so much

Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?

Are you a cat person? Then this article is definitively for you. So starting with the most obvious question by most cat owners, why does my cat meow so much? Just like communication is important to us

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what do cats like to eat

Do’s and Dont’s – What Do Cats Like To Eat?

Cats are carnivores, who always prefer to have meat in their diet. Heirs principal ancestors lived on a diet of small rodents. Cats require a very high protein diet with a variety of nutrients like arginine,

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What To Feed A Baby Rabbit? – Points To Remember

With the population of wild rabbits increasing in urban areas, the probability for a nest of baby rabbits is greater than ever these days. Unfortunately, they seem abandoned nests not often and wild rabbits

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why are polar-bears endangered

Why Are Polar Bears Endangered?

According to the definition, endangered species are those living creatures which are seriously at the risk of extinction. Polar bears are one such species that have been declared to be threatened, by the

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what animals live in the rainforest

What Animals Live In The Rainforest? – 11 To Look At

Forests, which have a high annual rainfall — between 250 and 450 centimeters are termed as “Rainforests”. Rainforests are of 2 types:Tropical rainforest andTemperate rainforestRainforests include

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