why does my cat meow so much

Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?

Are you a cat person? Then this article is definitively for you. So starting with the most obvious question by most cat owners, why does my cat meow so much? Just like communication is important to us humans, they similarly mean a lot to every other species too. Sometimes to communicate while other times to indicate needs or discomfort. Cats are no exception to this logic. Some domesticated cats are great conversationalists while others aren’t, because as a kitten reaches adulthood, the frequency of meowing to another cat reduces.

In the meantime, they would often learn other vocalization like yowling and hissing that is usually witnessed among adult cats. Adult cats yowl a lot during their breeding season. Cats often meow to indicate their owners to get their attention and also affection. Who can ignore a cute cat meowing? Isn’t it? But not all cats are great conversationalists. There is some specific breed of cats that meow excessively compared to the rest. For instance, the Siamese cats are known for their great conversationalist behavior as they constantly meow and yowl. So heads up to those wanting to adopt a cat if you do not appreciate the constant meowing steer clear of these breeds. Cats are usually solitary species and not pack animals, so most cat’s meow at people to get their attention, sometimes to indicate hunger and discomfort. But, most cat’s meow to carry a conversation with their owners.

But then why does my cat meow so much?

Does your cat suddenly meow a lot? Is there a sudden change in its behavior? Then it’s time you paid special attention to your cat. It may seem ordinary but sometimes they could indicate a reason. But don’t panic yet, instead pay close attention.

why does my cat meow so much

Here's the list of possible reasons why your cat meows so much

1. Trying To Draw Attention

Most cat owners are not new to this. They have seen their cat trying to get attention. Most cats are not aloof; they are social creatures that are playful, wanting to be fed and groomed. Hence, cats can meow if it needs this form of attention from its owners. But does she meow too much? Fret not. The best positive approach to dealing with this behavior is by not choosing to respond when your cat is excessively meowing but by giving her the attention when she is quieter. But remember; don’t totally ignore your cat. It may cause her not to trust you. So, do spend sufficient time every day with your cat grooming or talking to her.

2. Hello Human!

There isn’t a better testimonial to prove that a cat is a social species. Cats love greeting their owners by meowing when they approach them or when they see their owners coming home. She expresses her hello in the form of meow.

3. I Smell Food. Give It To Me, please!

We all know how impatient we tend to become when we are hungry. As humans, we too have made calls and cries for food when we were young. It isn’t any different with cats. When they are hungry the best way they indicate hunger is, by meowing excessively and sometimes pointing to her food bowl. But most cats often meow when someone walks into the kitchen expecting to give her treats. If you seemed concerned about this behavior, then treat her only when she stops meowing. Since most animals are instinctive learners, she will know in due time what she can do to earn her treats. If you desire to be undisturbed, then an automatic pet feeder may be a handy option. Once the timer resets, she gets her treat, and she might even focus her attention towards the machine, hoping to get her food when she meows at it.

4. Am So Lonely!

Sometimes a cat that is feeling lonely can also meow a lot. After all even cats can be emotional and can also miss a human friend. It is especially the case of domesticated cats and has been around the human presence. In your absence, she can miss you causing her to meow frequently, till somebody comes attending to her.

5. Am Stressed!

Cats are quiet, sensitive animals and can become stressed by unfamiliar things like scary toys, water, and new people or can get agitated at an unpleasant situation like pet abuse, loss of a friend, human or another cat can sometimes drive a cat into depression, it may need attention to help it keep calm.

6. Am Old, Yes I complain

Cats can get irritated and confused when they age, they can suffer from a pain caused by the physical factor. As a result, they will often be disoriented and cry without any reason. Night times can be difficult for older cats; hence mostly they may meow at night hours. Some pets can also suffer from a feline version of Alzheimer’s disease and may need special care. To help ease the situation, you can use a night lamp. It will keep your cat from panicking.

7. Cats in the peak of their breeding season

At the peak of their mating season, if your cat has not been spayed or neutered, there can be a lot of commotion. Especially female cats, they yowl a lot during the peak of its heat and don’t be surprised to notice many male cats drawn towards the female cat competing for a mate. It can be quite intruding and unbearable when so many cats yowl and frequently meow. To prevent this situation, it is important to get your pet to the vet to have it spayed or neutered.

Why Do Cats Meow At Night?

As a cat owner, you must have observed that a cat meowing at night is much different than it is during the day. They sound much rhythmic and longer than usual. Here are some best reasons what your cat may be trying to tell you.

Am Bored, Relieve Me

It is especially for owners of young cats. Young cats have the tendency to get bored very often. Hence, they would make calls seeking attention.

Am Hungry

When you have kittens and their mother nurturing them, it is common for the kittens to meow at odd hours indicating hunger or feeling cold. Hence, it is important to be patient with them till they are old enough to sustain themselves.

Old Age

Older cats have issues resting at night hours hence they may need attention in the form of confidence and also because they are physically weaker and would need a human help.

What Can You Do To Stop Your Cat From Meowing At Night?

Be Punctual And Your Cat Will Too

It is most important to understand why your cat meows at night before you can act upon it. If a cat makes a cry because she is hungry, then pay attention to her timings, because cats are routine animals, they will almost quickly adapt to everyday affairs. For instance, suppose you are a person who wakes up every morning at fixed time and feeds your pet. Then your cat learns from this act and relates your waking hour to her feeding time. Which means every day irrespective of holidays, she routinely expects her to be fed, as you wake up. Hence, she will make her cries till you feed her. So it is important that you feed her regularly in order to stop her from meowing.

Toys Are Best To Keep Her Distracted

All cats irrespective of their breeds, love to play with toys. Since they are playful animals, they would love simple everyday household objects they can play without getting hurt. You can use old cardboard box, empty bags and scratch post, anything to keep your cat entertained. Hence, your cat is easily distracted and stops needlessly meowing.

Your cat will love the birds. Hence hanging a birdcage outside the window will keep her occupied and make sure not to keep them at an easily accessible location else she might kill the birds.

Take Her To A Vet For Regular Health Check

Cats, just like us humans can develop health issues too. Sometimes during her growing stages your cat may be extremely restless and may try and eat small objects. It may sometimes cause her inconvenience, and she may be in pain. Hence, it is vital to observe her meow that may indicate discomfort, and you may need a Vet to check her health.

How To Deal With Old Cats

Dealing with older cats needs proper care and caution because any creature, as it ages may undergo stages of disorientation and confusion. They need reassurance from their human owners that they will be taken care and will not be abandoned. This form of reassurance with be your pets stability in her old life. Since cats are social animals, this stage may be very sensitive to them and as owners you never be haste and irritated if your cat were to cry at night or during the times of need. Spare them the attention till they last.

One Bored Cat, A Human, And Their Interesting Life

These are the type of cats that can do a lot of things that irritate a human. They may needlessly meow to get your attention or to distract you deliberately from your task like watching television. They may make things maddening at night by randomly meowing out of boredom; this is to either keep them entertained or to annoy their owners. The best way to deal with such a pet is to ignore her. She will notice that you are not paying attention to her, and she may persist a few more times but once she realizes that you are not giving in, she will naturally stop her meowing. But care must be taken not to give-in under any situation especially because a cat is a routine creature she may be confused if one day you ignore her and oblige the next day.

Things not to do with your Pet

1. Don’t Ignore Everything

Not Everything is to gain Your Attention However, there are some important things one mustn’t forget and not ignore your cat every time she meows. Since cats communicate with their owners with a meow, it is important to assess first if they are trying to gain your attention or if it genuinely means something important. Because cats can also meow indicating hunger or if they are in trouble and wanted your help. So, pay attention before judging, because ignoring your pet may put them at risk.

2. Abuse Is A Crime

It Can Only Make It Worse Animal abuse is a crime. There is no excuse for it. You must never forget that by punishing or abusing, you can never make your cat stop meowing around you. It can psychologically affect her and make her more fearful of you thus making the matters worse.

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