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There are many reasons to get your dog an orthopedic dog bed. They may be an older pet that has arthritis, has joint problems, or be recovering from injuries or surgery. Larger dogs often also need the extra support of an orthopedic bed. For these reasons, this type of bed can make a world of difference to your pet’s well-being.

Imagine how you sleep differently on a comfortable mattress versus an uncomfortable one. The wrong bed means you can’t get a good night’s sleep. Well it’s the same for your dog. This is why many of the top rated orthopedic dog beds have the same type of memory foam that’s used in human beds.

I’ve owned several large dogs over the years, from Irish Wolfhounds to Afghan Hounds. I’ve seen what a huge difference the right orthopedic bed can make in a dog’s life. So, in this best orthopedic dog bed reviews article, I’m going to take a look at five top orthopedic beds you can get for your beloved pet.

Below are the top picks in 2017 for awesome orthopedic dog beds.

1. Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs (Headrest Edition)

big barker 7 top rated

Big Barker was started by a husband and wife team out of the love of their 92lb mixed breed, Hank. He suffered from hip dysplasia and had to undergo surgery. When they were unable to find Hank a good quality, comfortable bed that never flattened, they created it themselves. A new company sprang out of their love of their dog, and the rest is history.

This bed is truly designed with the needs of large dogs in mind. It’s a best orthopedic dog bed for large dogs with an impressive 10-year guarantee that it won’t flatten. It also has a comfortable head rest on one end so your pet can recline comfortably.

This bed is available in burgundy, chocolate, and khaki. It comes in three sizes, Large (48”x30”x7”), Extra Large (52”x36”x7”), and Giant (60”x48”x7”). So no matter how big your dog is, they’re covered in style. The 100% Microfiber cover is soft to touch and machine washable.

The bed is handmade in California, USA by craftsmen with over 30 years of experience. The orthopedic foam insert comes from the highest quality of materials to ensure your pet has all the support they need.

2. Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed

Go-Pet Club Orthopedic review

The company Go Pet Club, Inc. started in 2003, and this US based company has been a leading provider of pet furniture products ever since. They are based in Livermore, CA and cater to the needs of both dogs and cats.

Their orthopedic memory foam bed has two layers of protection, one is a waterproof cover and the other is the suede zippered outer cover. The bed also has a rubber, non-slip bottom. The bed is made from 100% memory foam that is 4” high. They mention that after removing the bed from the packaging, you should allow 24 hours for the foam to resume its original shape.

This bed is available in four great colors, brown, charcoal, denim, and khaki. It comes in six sizes, catering to any size dog, from small to large. The sizes range from the smallest, 25”x20”x4” to the largest, 55”x38”x4”. Both the memory foam and the suede are non-allergenic.

They state that the bed will keep its shape and not flatten over time, so your pet will have full support for years. The bed is great for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint and muscle stiffness. Both the waterproof layer and suede outer layer are removable for easy washing.

3. PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge In Premium Edition with Solid Memory Foam

PetFusion Orthopedic review

PetFusion started in 2010 and wanted to combine seamless design, exceptional quality, and affordability. Their goal was to create dog and cat beds and furniture that worked for both the pets and their humans. The company prides themselves on style and creativity and has won a few awards for their designs over the years.

Their Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge looks so comfortable that you’ll wish it came in people size. It has a cushion roll that runs about 90% of the way around the top of the bed, and the bed itself is made from a solid 4” of memory foam. The bolstered edge is made from recycled “green” polyfill.

You can get the bed either in a brown or slate grey. It fits all sizes of dogs, small (25”x20”x5.5”), large (36”x28”x9”), and X-Large (44”x34”x10”). It has a water resistant and tear resistant cover, and replacement covers can be purchased separately if needed. The removable cover is machine washable.

The bed has a 12-month warranty and is designed to blend seamlessly with any décor. The base is non-skid to make sure the bed stays put. This premium doggie lounger is quality constructed with all premium materials.

4. Serta Orthopedic Quilted Pillowtop Dog Bed

Serta Orthopedic Quilted bed

The Serta name may be one you recognize from their mattresses for humans and their adorable commercials with the counting sheep. They’ve been a leader in comfortable mattresses and a good night’s sleep since 1931, and it turns out… they make dog beds too!

The Serta Orthopedic Quilted Pillowtop Dog Bed is a deluxe doggie version of their sleep comfort technology. This rectangular pillow style dog bed is made to give your pet a supportive and comfortable place to sleep and relax that’s just as good as yours.

This bed is available in three colors, blue, mocha, and tan, all of which come with a tan pillow top. It comes in two sizes, Large (36”x27”x4”) and Extra Large (47”x39”x4”). The easy care cover zips off for easy machine washing. And you know with the Serta name, you’re getting over 80 years of experience and exceptional quality.

This bed is designed with therapeutic foam to give support and comfort to older dogs, and those with hip dysplasia or joint problems. The open designs fits all dogs, no matter what their sleeping style may be. The bed easily matches multiple home decors and is made to be design friendly.

5. KOPEKS Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Sofa Lounge Dog Bed

KOPEKS Deluxe Orthopedic dog

KOPEKS Pet Accessories is part of the larger Onix Venture Group that started in 2004 in the mobile electronics industry. Since then, they've branched out into just about everything else, including the pet accessories industry. The company also manufacturers elevated dog beds and pet car seat covers.

This deluxe bed is truly designed as a dog sofa, with bolsters that go around the sides and back (just like a sofa). It also has a unique removable “couch” cushion in the middle. This is one of the top rated orthopedic dog beds because of the unique design for larger dogs and thick 7” sleeping surface.

This bed comes in a décor pleasing chocolate color and is sized for larger breeds at 40”x56”x8.5”. The cover is removable and fully washable and it also includes a handy waterproof removable inner cover. The foam used is 100% memory foam, similar in material to therapeutic foam found in high-end mattress stores.

The design is engineered to ease join pain and aches, arthritis, muscle stiffness. It can also simply be an incredibly comfortable bed for any pet that deserves high quality sleep and relaxation. The front has an easy access opening, with the cushion around the back and sides offering extra support.

In case you are new to the world of Orthopedic dog beds and want to know one of the best available, check out the video below.

Orthopedic Dog Bed Reviews Conclusion

When looking for an orthopedic dog bed for your pet’s sleeping comfort, you have a lot of great choices. Some things you will want to look for are supportive memory foam and a size that will be perfect for your pet. Whether you have a small Terrier or a large German Shepherd, you want them to be comfortable. Waterproof linings and washable covers are also features that help your dog’s bed last longer and stay in top condition.

I hope that you found this review of orthopedic dog beds for large dogs, medium dogs, and small dogs helpful. After our love and support, the next best thing we can give our pets is the peace and comfort of a great night’s sleep.

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