Best Wireless Dog Fence 2017

Best Wireless Invisible Dog Fences 2017

If you have a dog that loves to romp outside when the weather’s nice, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with fence issues. Some pets like to dig their way out of them, and others are quite adept at finding a way over then or any other weakness they can to get out.

I remember running through the neighborhood as a child, alongside my Mom. We were calling after our Irish Wolfhounds that had managed to escape the newly repaired fence. A wireless pet fence could’ve saved us a lot of trouble back then.

Some people may love to let their dogs out to play, but don’t really want a fence in their back or front yards. In some cases, they may not be allowed to erect one due to neighborhood restrictions. In these cases, a wireless electric dog fence can provide a perfect solution. They can keep your pooch from leaving your property, but still give them freedom to play outside.

If you haven’t used a wireless invisible fence before, you might be worried that they either won’t work correctly or they could harm your pet. According to Canine Journal, this technology is meant to simply give a gentle surprise, much like a splash of water on the face, but not to hurt them. Flags are also used as a visual marker for the invisible fence boundary.

In these wireless dog fence reviews, I’ll give you a rundown of some of the best wireless dog fence options, explain exactly how they work. I'll also provide details on the benefits of each one to help you make the best containment decision for you and your pet.

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ImageWireless Fence NameCoverage (Without Expansions)Correction LevelsPrice
PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

0.5 acres5$$$
SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System

1/3 of an acre4


Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence

1/3 of an acre4


Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence

Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence

1/3 of an acre5


PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence

1/3 of an acre4


PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence

1/3 of an acre4


eXtreme Professional DIY Inground Fence

eXtreme Professional DIY Inground Fence

1/3 of an acre5


Stubborn Dog Electric Fence

Stubborn Dog Electric Fence

1/3 of an acre5


PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

3/4 of an acre5


Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

2.5 acres8


Wireless Pet Fence Types

When researching invisible dog fence reviews, it’s good to know the two main types of a wireless fence for dogs you can buy. Each type is installed just a little differently, but both will provide the pet containment that you’re looking for.

Actually, even though both may be called a “best wireless pet fence” when you’re researching, one type consists of buried wire. It’s still just as invisible as the other type though, which is the main draw of why they’re used.

Buried Wire Invisible Fence

This invisible pet containment option gives you a bit more flexibility than the truly wireless invisible fence. It consists of an underground wire that you can place anywhere you like. This option allows you to cordon off areas of your yard where your dog doesn’t need to be rolling around, like your flowerbed or garden!

It can also help keep pets safe by keeping them away from pools or ponds that may be on your property. It can stop them from hanging out in driveways or toolsheds. You can even create a dog-free path to your door for the Postman or UPS delivery driver if you like.

With the buried wire fence, you have more work to do burying all that wire. But it’s a trade off to have the ability to map out exactly the areas of your yard where your dog is allowed.

There is typically a 3” deep trench you need to dig to bury the wire. The wire acts as a transmitting antenna and is connected to the transmitter that then sends a signal to a special collar.

Truly Wireless Electric Dog Fence

The other main type of fence you’ll read about in invisible fence reviews is completely wireless. There is nothing to dig up, nothing to bury.

This may be the best electric fence for dogs to buy if you plan on moving. It’s really easy to take with you since it’s self contained with no wires, and can easily be deployed anywhere.

But with that ease of installation, you also give up some control. You can’t cordon off particular areas of your yard. The radio signal produced by the transmitter is limited to about a 90-foot radius, and acts like a large circle.

If you have a smaller yard with no hazards or other areas where you wouldn’t want your dog to go, then this system can be set up with very little work. All you do it plug it in and it sends out the signal to the special collar and keeps your dog contained to a particular radius.

Top 5 Wireless Pet Fence Reviews

Ease of installation and being a wireless fence for dogs that is safe and does no harm are two of the most important considerations pet lovers look for. When you’re comparing electric dog fence reviews, you also want to be sure the fence system is reliable and is going to keep your pooch where they belong.

As I go through each of the top 5 best electric dog fence systems, I’ll touch on multiple points. These include, size recommendation, reliability, and any pertinent warranty and longevity information. I’ll also provide some details on the manufacturer so you know where the company is based and can research their reputation.

1. Petsafe PIF-300

Petsafe PIF 300

The Petsafe PIF-300 is one of the best wireless pet fence options if you don't want to have to buy any wires. You can easily set it up in just 1-2 hours, and it’s potable too, so you can take It camping or to a vacation home.

Petsafe has been around since 1991, and is the largest manufacturer of electronic pet training products in the United States. Their parent company is Radio Systems Corporation, headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. They have locations in 9 countries. They cater to the needs of both dog and cat lovers.

The Petsafe PIF-300 is affordably priced and includes the ability to adjust the boundary for your pet from 5 feet up to 90 feet . This gives you the flexibility to change the range as needed, whether you’re camping or having a backyard BBQ.

The adjustable collar is made to fit dogs that are 8 pounds or more and with neck sizes of 6 to 28 inches. If you’re a multi-dog family, you’ll love that you can add an unlimited amount of pets to the system. You can simply by having each one wear the special receiver collar.

The system uses a radio frequency to keep your pet contained through use of both an audible warning tone and gentle stimulation. There is also an automatic shut-off safety feature, so if your pet goes past the boundary, the stimulation is limited to 30 seconds. It is then turned off for five minutes before repeating.

2. SportDOG SDF-100A

SportDog Pet Fence

If you’re interested in having the control of an underground wired fence, then the SportDOG DSF-100A is a great choice. Not only can you put the containment where you like, it includes up to 1 1/3 acres of coverage with 1,000 feet of wire.

The SportDOG brand is also owned by Radio Systems Corporation, and is designed to meet the needs of the sportsman and their dogs. All their products are designed in the field and made to stand up to all types of weather conditions.

The waterproof collar receiver has four levels of static stimulation as well as a vibration/tone setting. It’s made for dogs 10 pounds or more, and the battery lasts between 6-12 months. You can expand the system to an unlimited amount of dogs.

Some of the great safety features include a built-in lightning protection, anti-linger feature, and a wire break alarm. This system works in a similar way to the other best wireless dog fence options. It emits a warning beep first, then gives gentle stimulation if the boundary is crossed.

If you’re into wildlife conservation, then you may be interested to know that SportDOG is too. Their SportDOG Conservation Fund supports habitat enhancement projects. It also partners with other national conservation organizations.

3. Elite Pet Safe Little Dog

Elite little dog in ground fence

What happens if you have a smaller dog, less than 8-10 pounds? The Elite Pet Safe Little Dog is the best electric fence for dogs that are small breeds. It is specially designed for pets that are a minimum of 5 pounds and has a collar that’s adjustable for neck sizes of 6” to 16”.

This product is also by PetSafe, and is one of the buried wire, in ground options that gives you plenty of boundary control. In fact with this product, you’re going to get a full 25 acres of boundary through 500 feet of wire to give your pet plenty of romping freedom.

The waterproof collar features built in lighting protection. Just like the other fences in these wireless dog fence reviews, you can expand to more dogs just by buying more collars.

The wire can be buried between 1” to 3” below the surface and easily connects to the main transmitter, which has surge protection in case of storms. There are four levels of static correction in the collar and a tone only mode you can use as well.

You’re also given some nice instructional tools with the Elite Pet Safe Little Dog in-ground fence. They recommend completing three training sessions per day, for about 10-15 minutes each. This helps your dog becomes comfortable with the system. They give you step-by-step instructions and estimate it may take up to two weeks for your pet to become fully acclimated to the system.

4. Friendly Pet Products Wireless

Friendly pet products wireless dog fence

The Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence is another underground option and this one is made for fast setup. As with the other under-ground styles, you have complete control over where you “fence off”. They even give you some handy image guides of different fencing options.

Friendly Pet Products is located in Arizona and is dedicated to using technology that is harmless to pets. They also 100% customer and pet satisfaction with all their products.

The collar for this system has one extra level than some of the others, with five different stimulation settings. The system is designed for dogs 8 pounds and over and provides a range of about 1/3 of an acre that can be expanded up to 5 acres with 4000 feet of cord.

If you want 24/7 customer support, then you’ll really like Friendly Pet Products, they have a support hotline you can all anytime for help. They also offer an exceptional 100% lifetime money back guarantee on their system.

The in-ground system can also be used on the ground, but they warn that this could encourage chewing of the cord. To make areas where your pet can cross, you simply twist the cord about 8-10 times in that section before you bury it.

The system is very economically priced and fully expandable simply by buying more cord, and ensuring you have one transmitter per 5 acres. They make their under-ground invisible fence one of the fastest and easiest to set up by giving lots of help and clear instructional guides.

5. PetSafe Stubborn Dog

PetSafe stubborn dog in ground fence

You may be thinking that all these invisible fence reviews sound good, but what about dogs that aren’t so easily trained? Every pet-owner has experienced a high-spirited or stubborn personality in a beloved dog. It’s natural to wonder, “How will they handle a wireless fence?”

PetSafe has thought of that and designed an in-ground invisible fence just for this personality type. Their PetSafe Stubborn Dog fence is made to contain even the hard-to-train dogs.

It has four adjustable levels of static correction, including the highest, yet safe, intensity level. There is also a warning tone with pet pager vibration that is ideal for training dogs that might be hearing-impaired.

The collar is for neck sizes from 6” to 28” and the system is recommended for dogs 30 pounds and up, so you won’t want to use this for smaller dogs. It covers 1/3 of an acre and is expandable up to 25 acres, by buying additional wires and flags.

They have specialists on hand that you can ask for advice 6-days a week by phone or email about both set up and pet training for the system. They say with patience, even the most stubborn dog can be trained to respect the fence boundary in about two weeks.

The system is completely waterproof, and has a low battery indicator so you’ll know when it’s time to change the 9 volt battery in the collar. As with other PetSafe products, you can buy extra collars to include an unlimited amount of dogs in the containment system.

Other Options For The Best Invisible Dog Fence

Beyond these top five choices in our electric dog fence reviews, there are a few other great options you can consider. I always think, the more choices, the better, so here are options 6-10 to help you find the perfect system for you and your beloved pet.

6. PetSafe In-Ground Fence

7. Extreme Dog Fence

8. PetSafe Stubborn No Wire

9. PetSafe Stay & Play

10. Perimeter Technologies

Electric Fence for Dogs Buying Guide

How Exactly Do Invisible Dog Fences Work?

All electric dog fences work on a radio signal that sends information from the main transmitter to the dog’s collar. The signals sent can include everything from an audible tone, to a vibration, to a gentle stimulation that is meant to be slightly unpleasant.

An important part of the system are the visual flags that help dogs identify the boundary where they’re going to feel the unpleasant jolt. This is often described as a “splash of water on the face” stimulation. All the pet products companies work to make their products safe and non-harmful. But also effective for keeping your pet contained in a particular boundary.

When you’re working with the wireless model, it’s much easier to set up because you don’t have to bury any wires, but you also have less control over the perimeter. If having just a cone of a boundary that radiates from a center location meets your needs, then this is the quickest way to set up an invisible pet fence.

You also have the benefit of taking the truly wireless model anywhere. If you go on vacation or go camping, you can take this system along with you since it only needs the transmitter and collar, no cords or wires.

The wired version of course provides much more flexibility. You can simply twist the cords to provide “safe passage” zones and set the wires around any part of your property you like. Allowing you to cordon off gardens or pools to protect both your plants an your pets.

All of these systems also allow unlimited pets in the system, because all you have to do is buy an extra collar for each one.

Training Your Dog Is An Important Part of The Process

It’s important for any dog owner to realize that these invisible fence systems aren’t just meant to be a “plug-and-play” technology. You need to spend some time with your pet helping to train them to use the wireless fence. That’s why each of them comes with a detailed pet training guide to help acclimate your dog to the containment system.

They recommend using the lowest stimulation setting first, then moving up if needed to one of the higher settings. It’s not uncommon for pets to become timid or fearful at first when they experience the stimulation from the collar. It's important to give them positive reinforcement and play time after each training session.

Most of the manufacturers recommend spending at least two weeks, with daily training sessions. This helps to introduce your pet to the invisible fence system until they become completely acclimated to it.

You should also make sure your dog is old enough to understand basic commands, like sit and stay, before you try to train them on a wireless fence. They should be at least 4 to 6 months old before you can expect them to understand the system.

Benefits of Invisible Fences For Dogs

There are several benefits when you invest the training and set up time into an invisible fence system for your dog. These include:

  • Unobstructed yard
  • Can use where there are HOA fencing restrictions
  • No unsightly fences
  • More room for your pet to roam
  • Eliminates many safety threats to your dog
  • Ensures they don’t get out of a fence or possibly get lost
  • More affordable than a physical fence
  • Flexibility to cordon areas with underground systems
  • Portability when you get a wireless system to take on vacation
  • Safe and not harmful to children or pets

Invisible Dog Fence Reviews Conclusion

There are a lot of considerations when you’re trying to find the best way to allow your pet to have their run of the yard, but want to also keep them safe. It’s a huge load off the mind for many pet lovers to know that the manufactures of invisible pet fences also care about making sure your pet is safe. They want to ensure your pet is not harmed with any of their products.

If you are willing to put in the time for training and acclimation for a new wireless pet fence it can be a huge benefit. You might find it’s the best thing that you and your pet ever did together. They get plenty of unobstructed space to roam, and you know they’re safely contained within your property.

I always recommend researching each option thoroughly, and be sure to read all customer reviews. They often give you the best insight into which invisible pet fence may be the right one for you and your pet.


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