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The Best Pet Strollers of 2017 Reviewed

I remember once passing a parent pushing a stroller down the sidewalk and I took a peek in expecting to see baby. But instead there was this adorable pug enjoying the ride and smiling back at me. I started seeing more pet strollers shortly after that, and it’s no wonder they’re becoming so popular for dogs (or cats) of all sizes.

The best pet stroller can have multiple benefits for both you and your beloved canine. Besides being a great way for a pooch to join your morning jog without getting worn out, dog strollers for medium dogs and small dogs are used to:

  • Let older or recovering pets enjoy the outside & fresh air safely
  • Help a smaller dog keep up with a larger dog during a stroll
  • Keep dogs safe when attending a crowded event
  • Allow a dog to enjoy a walk without burning paws on a hot pavement
  • Make trips easier with a non-intrusive transport to/from hotel rooms, veterinarian offices, and more
  • Allow dogs to easily go more places with you

You may be thinking that you’ll just drag that old baby stroller out of the attic and use it for your pet, but that’s not the way to go. You want one of the best dog strollers you can find that’s specifically designed for pets. That way you know they’re safe, and they won’t have the ability to just jump out at anytime.

So, let’s take a look at the best dog stroller reviews where we’ll examine the cream of the crop among pet strollers. I’ve included best big, small, jogging strollers and more. You can be rest assured there is a best dog stroller among the bunch that’s perfect for you and your pet.

If you’re looking for the best dog strollers for small dogs, then look no further than the Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller. This stroller is designed by Pet Gear Inc., a company that’s been making quality pet products since 1936.

A great feature of this little doggie stroller is that it has an easy-locking, no zip entry, which means no fur accidentally caught in the zipper. It has a large panoramic view window so your pet can see what’s going on. You can also adjust the canopy to 3 positions to ensure your pet is protected from any harsh sun.

This sturdy design comes with 12” Air Ride tires for smooth travels and can hold up to 70 pounds. You can also choose from four attractive colors, Sky Line, Black, Dalmatian, and Rose.  It’s also designed to make your life easier with a “one second, one hand” fold capability.

There is a bolster pad and removable liner. The cabin is 28”L x 12.5”W x 22.5”H.  If you’re worried about rain, there’s a cover you can buy separately to keep your precious shielded from any inclement weather.

This stroller is great for any type of terrain. The front wheel can be locked when needed to aid in stabilizing the stroller when jogging or going over rough terrain.

2. DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller

Do you have a medium or large dog? Don't worry, there are strollers for them as well, and the DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller is our choice for the best large dog stroller. This one is from manufacturer, DutchDog, who have been selling their DoggyRide brand of strollers for over a decade.

This pet stroller features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and central wheel aligner, which is optimal for jogging. It also has quick release wheels and a front reflective striping for safety at night.

This stroller is meant to handle bigger dogs with ease, and can hold up to 110 pounds of canine inside. It also allows the dog to sit as close to his normal “ground level” view as possible while giving both front and side views. This stroller also has the cool feature of being able to be attached to a bicycle with an adapter kit.

The interior cabin is a roomy 31.5”L x 21”W x 25.5”H. You can also choose from some nice accessories. There's a cargo roof rack for holding groceries, a rain cover, and a luxury cushioned pet mat for a plush ride. Color options include, Urban Red/Black, and Outdoors Green/Grey.

Jog, bike, or walk along with your pooch with this stroller, it’s built for all types of rides. If you’re sizing your dog to see if they’ll fit, it can handle a maximum size of 26”/65cm shoulder height.

Do you have two precious doggies that want to go for a stroll together? No worries! They can both enjoy a comfortable ride. Pet Gear, Inc . comes through again with our best double pet stroller pick, the Pet Gear No-zip Double Pet Stroller.

This stroller has their famous no-zip, easy-locking mechanism. It’s built to comfortably handle two small dogs, and up to 90 pounds total capacity. The canopy option allows you to open the stroller all the way or secure an easy view netting to ensure no one tries to jump out.

The design includes a water-resistant material and includes a weather cover for rainy days. The 12” quick-release air tires also come with a handy air pump and have a quick-locking rear foot brake for safety. You can choose from two cool colors, Pine Green or Boysenberry.

The extra-wide carriage is built for two and is up to 27”L x 20”W x 23”H. It’s also got two handy interior safety tethers. A plush bolster pad is also included for maximum doggie comfort.

 Pet mom and dad convenience extras include a cup holder, large storage basket, and ergonomic handle.

This next stroller is for pet families that enjoy the great outdoors, either taking a daily jog or bike ride with their pet. The MB Booyah Large Pet Trailer Pet Bike Trailer & Jogger with Shocks was built for a smooth ride no matter where to go.

This product was created by Booyah Strollers, who’ve been around since 2007. They design affordable bike trailer and strollers for children and for pets of all sizes. This is our top choice for best pet jogging stroller because of the shocks and other ride-friendly features.

It comes with a manual brake to enable removing the handlebar completely if you choose to connect the stroller to a bicycle. There’s a Velcro attached sunroof to use when needed and has wheels that are set back to eliminate any “tipping” effect.

It’s sized for even larger dogs and can handle a weight up to 88lbs. The interior compartment size is 32”L x 24”W x 21”H, making it one of the largest dog strollers on the list.  Color options include Blue, Green, and Orange.

 The large stroller can easily fold to be stored under a bed or in a closet when not in use. Some handy accessories you can purchase include a cargo rack and organizer & cup holder.

Now for the choice of best overall dog stroller, which is the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller. This stroller combines innovation and fashion and can hold one or two smaller dogs, up to 50lbs total.

Gen7Pets includes what they call Smart-Features® in this stroller, which are: Smart-Canopy, Smart-Reach, Smart-Basket and Smart-Fold. This design is chocked full of multiple benefits even just beyond those features. 

You can fully open the overhead canopy to allow more space. The handle is also designed to give the stroller “driver” more leg space when walking so they don’t accidentally kick the stroller.

You and your pet will definitely be strolling in style with this carrier. It’s one of the most attractive I’ve seen and it comes in a lovely Black Onyx solid/print combo. The design is also very pet mom/dad friendly, with a large under carrier cargo area and accessory tray with dual cup holders.

Safety and comfort are also included for your pet. There is a reversible, machine-washable pad made of simulated angora and interior safety tether. The compartment size is 25”L x 13”W x 21.5”H. There is also a hidden front steel bar for extra safety.

The stroller is designed for easy assembly and folding when not in use. It’s also easy to clean and has an all-terrain front convertible wheel.

Best Pet Stroller Review Conclusion

Whether you have a small dog, medium or large, there’s a doggie stroller out there that could make your lives easier. Whether it’s going along with mom and dad on errands in town or jogging or biking down a trail, a pet stroller is out there that’s made for your lifestyle.

Remember to always size the interior stroller dimensions to your dog, so you won’t get one that’s too small for them. And if you have two pets, you don’t have to take just one at a time out and about. There are strollers designed to fit a dual dog family too.

I hope you enjoyed the review and found some great options out there for taking your pet on a stroll or jog. These offer convenience for pets of all types, from senior dogs to younger. The versatility has made these strollers for pets into one of the “must-haves” for pet families around the world.

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